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FaceCake Marketing Technologies, Inc., is a pioneer and innovator in personalized interactive marketing. FaceCake’s proprietary Visual Demonstration System (VDS) allows users to manipulate their own images, with a wide range of image transformation and animation capabilities, to try on and try out various products and services. The VDS in conjunction with the FaceCake patented Mirror Image Marketing solution provides user-specific, highly targeted promotion of products on user images, for unprecedented levels of personalization. FaceCake is headquartered in Calabasas, California.

FaceCake’s amazing technology allows you to give yourself a complete cosmetic makeover, go from being a blonde to a redhead, visualize yourself losing weight, see your home in a rainbow of colors, purchase accessories for your pets, or try a cosmetic procedure with just a simple click. Just upload your image and you can "try on" a product, or "try out" a service without ever leaving home in a photo-realistic manner that’s the next best thing to driving to the store or doctor.

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